Finding The Keys To Your Home

📣 Calling all 1Sulaman Gold Tower buyers! 🏢

Attention, fellow buyers of 1Sulaman Gold Tower! We have an important announcement to make. 📢

In order to gather all the buyers and take further action towards reviving the project, we have created a dedicated Telegram group. 🚀 Joining this group will help us communicate, collaborate, and progress more efficiently.

To join the group, simply scan the QR code provided in this post or click on the link below:

We believe that by bringing together all the buyers, we can accelerate the process of reviving the 1Sulaman Gold Tower project. Your participation is crucial, as the faster we gather, the faster we can work towards its revival.

If you know any other buyers who haven't yet joined this initiative, please share this post with them. Let's spread the word and ensure that all buyers are informed and included in our efforts.

Thank you for your cooperation, support, and dedication. Together, we can make a difference and bring life back to the 1Sulaman Gold Tower project!


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Taman Jelita

Single Storey Terrace Tuaran

3R 2B

RM 320,000

Taman Johan

Single Storey Terrace Papar

3R 2B

RM 368,600

Riang Ria, Tuaran

Double Storey Terrace 

3R 2B

RM 322,050


260 units of Designer Suites

RM 315,000 onwards